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RCRDSHOP, is a live music platform dedicated to the promotion of quality artists. Based in London the brand began in 2017 with the curation of small bespoke live music events focusing on finding under appreciated talent within the underground music scene. Quickly gaining a strong word of mouth reputation the event’s ability to organically develop talent began to increasingly attract the attention of prolific artists, brands and the wider music industry.


Hosting a weekly Sunday event at Boxpark Shoreditch commencing in the final quarter of 2018 has allowed RCRDSHOP to consistently put 8 unique acts on stage every week for 18 months. This has placed us in the position of hosting more live shows and promoting more unsigned talent IRL than any other current brand. We also work in more bespoke locations curating to specific audiences in spaces such as The Ned London and Hospital Club. Partnering with brands such as Hennessy UK, we have designed events which fit brand identity, serve the artist and entertain our audience.


As we continue to build we have now entered the radio space with a bi-weekly drive time show on Rinse FM. RCRDSHOP is a young, culture conscious and talent focused movement aiming to create positive change in the music industry and in the world.   

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The digital era of music has caused the shift from people buying physical albums to mostly streaming and viewing them. The artist is now the only physical representation of their music. Discovering great artists in person recreates the feeling of discovery a music lover might have experienced visiting a buzzing record shop back in the day.


To us, live performance is the most exciting and tangible way to find new music and stay connected with the artists who are making the best records. By developing and maintaining those connections we always have an incredible collection of artists to present to our audience at RCRDSHOP. 


Meet The Team

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Visual Director / A&R

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Host/Creative Consultant



Host/Artist Liaison

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Host/Artist Liaison



Creative Director

“Starting out as a session keys player from an early age I got the chance to be a part of and understand exactly how live shows work. Making an artists creation sound/look great on stage is a complex and challenging skill and working with some big names helped me fine tune my ability to do that consistently. Learning how to produce music in 2016 gave me an understanding of the other side of the process, making the record before it ends up on stage.


RCRDSHOP was then created out of my understanding of both and my desire to link the two worlds in an authentic and fulfilling way. As we continue creating shows, content and connections I am very excited about where this is headed, we intend to change the game!”



Head of live bookings

“I met Jay in 2017 whilst I was working at Rinse FM and curating multiple live music nights, I suggested we begin pooling our resources as I was connected to numerous venues and people I thought he would work well with.


We collaborated on 3 or 4 events and the synergy was undeniable. My skill set in networking, event design and production fit perfectly within this brand and I look forward to the future.”  


As part of a production duo that has contributed to multiple mainstream hits nationally and internationally I am always trying to evolve my sound and look to the future constantly asking the question, What would the 17 year old me do? Finding artists on the come up is a big part of that journey and ethos. Working with RCRDSHOP is an excellent way to bridge the gap between the studio work I do whilst keeping my finger on the current pulse of UK music.


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